Monday, March 6, 2023

Abigail's Play by Shelby McCoy

                            Abigail's Play

Mrs. Kassen’s class at the Mooresville High School has many talented and aspiring students. She teaches in many different branches such as theater, speech, and writing. The class is talent oriented, and they each get the chance to participate in writing their own plays. 

One of the juniors in that class, Abigail Philips, is in charge of creating a playwright for Christmas. In doing so it takes creativity, dedication, and a lot of editing to get it just right. The Christmas play is a very important deal, so the theme must be set to showcase it perfectly. 

When she found out she would be in charge of it, she became excited with the idea of creating something unique. It’s about a teenager who lost her parents and seemed hopeless, but then met Jack Frost. He gave her hope alongside granting three wishes. So far, she says that it’s been a little complicated to write it in playwright form, but it’s getting easier.

“I tend to struggle with stage directions, but it’s been getting easier, other than that it’s been going pretty smoothly,” Phillips said.

The students in this class are usually seen working on their projects during class, turning in 5 pages weekly. From doing this, Abby has learned how to write scripts for plays. Before this class, she wasn’t necessarily familiar with the extremities of details.

“Writing one thing wrong could cause a lot of confusion when acting it out, so it’s essential to pay attention to the little details,” Phillips said.

This class of brilliant kids has the opportunity to orchestrate their own plays to their likings. Each one will be uniquely created, due to the different ideas of others. In this instance Abigail used her imagination to create and develop a play. 

Photo by Faith Medlock (On the Right is Mrs. Kassen)