Monday, March 6, 2023

MHS Key Club Plans to Send Meals to Ukraine by Ty Stonehouse

         MHS Key Club Plans to Send Meals to Ukraine

        The Mooresville High School Key Club is a club centered around community service and creating a large global impact. In the past, Key Club has raised enough money to help build wells in less fortunate countries of Africa. Key Club's ultimate goal is to simply help create a better and more positive environment for those who are less fortunate, and helping its members become strong leaders of the future.
Since the war with Ukraine and Russia started, Key Club has been planning and thinking about everything they can do in order to support Ukrainian civilians. The club has thought of everything, but they wanted to create one large impact and give Ukrainian citizens one less thing to worry about, what will they put on their dinner tables. 
Key Club’s President Julianna Wood played a key role in the decision to send meals to Ukrainian citizens through the Pack Away Hunger Program.
“We get to help other people who need it more than what we do and we get to go and pack all kinds of food for the citizens of Ukraine who don’t have it,” Wood said. 
The impact Key Club has is not limited to a county, city or state. Key Club strives to make a global impact and create a better place for the future of the world.
The advisor of Key Club, Alicia Richhart, helped organize the event taking place in early May. Richhart had many positive things to say about the event, and the impact that the club has not just within the county but worldwide.
“Not only does Key Club make an impact locally, but we also make an impact around the world,” Richhart said.
“Meal packing events are a fun and hands-on way for our student leaders to provide tangible relief for people suffering from hunger and malnutrition. The Pack Away Hunger alone will provide 8,000 meals that will be shipped directly to Ukraine,” Richhart said. 
Furthermore, Key Club’s members were directly responsible for helping fund the project. The club’s members asked around locally, and spread the word for the event and raised enough money to make it possible. 
Key Club truly does create a global impact, and even more they help form better citizens of the future.
Photo by Ty Stonehouse