Monday, March 13, 2023

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Energy Drinks by Ty Stonehouse

     The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Energy Drinks

    In modern day society energy drinks play a vital role within the lives of youth all throughout the world. Many citizens within the United States have at least tried an energy drink and have enjoyed it. The drinks are capable of having many different benefits. For example, if an employee working at FedEx and had a shift at 3 a.m., most likely they would enjoy an energy drink to give them a kickstart to their day. 

    However, there is a point to where those drinks can cause an addiction and become extremely unhealthy. According to a pole recently conducted at Mooresville High School 45.5% of those surveyed will drink energy drinks over the weekends even though they receive a healthy amount of sleep. The energy drinks that students have been drinking have most likely affected their sleep cycles. As a result, the drinks can cause unhealthy addictions to the loads of sugar, and caffeine within the drinks. 

Kelly Stalcup, Health and Physical Education teacher at MHS, had many comments about the consumption of energy drinks for the development of teenagers.

“Most of the time students are chalk loaded with caffeine and too much caffeine is not good for your body especially if students are drinking the energy drinks all day,” Stalcup said. 

However, energy drinks may have positive effects on students. Students in high school usually do not get the recommended dosage of sleep per night. Students may end up falling asleep in classes and getting distracted from their low amounts of energy. Energy drinks will provide that necessary energy that students need to power through their day. 

Matt Danielson, a Senior at MHS, described how energy drinks affected him, and the benefits the drinks posed towards him. 

It helps relieve a little bit of stress and allows me to manage my day better because I’m less tired. It allows me to be more productive because I can focus more on what I need to get done,” Danielson said. 

Photo by Ty Stonehouse