Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Tornado Season by Shelby McCoy

                         Tornado Season

        In an instant life could change just like that. No matter who or where someone is, mother earth has plans to shower herself with the glories of weather. Some conditions can be very beautiful and others quite destructive. Tornadoes are some of Earth’s most dangerous and violent storms. In many southern states, peak tornadoes occur between the months of March through May. These can pose major setbacks to the inhabitants of these areas. Some steps can be taken to prepare oneself for such a catastrophe.  

Out of three Midwest states, Indiana was one of the deadliest tornadoes in American history. A few things are found to be pretty useful in the events of a tornado. First off, pay attention to the signs. Usually, the first thing someone notices is the sky and how it may appear to look dark greenish or funnel like. Secondly there may be a bleak quietness. Typically, tornadoes occur after thunderstorms, and the winds can reach up to over 300 miles per hour. 

The number one step that can be taken to prepare for this is to identify the safest place to take shelter, an emergency kit and a well divided plan. The family can all practice an evacuation plan and safe spots to go to if things take a turn. There should be an emergency kit with supplies such as flashlights, water bottles, first aid, and maybe some non-perishable food. What not to do is go near any windows, doors, or rooms with a large open area. If one is outside, seek shelter in a sturdy building. 

Jason Damron, Choir teacher at Mooresville High School, has a story to share about one of his experiences during a tornado in 2020. At the time, his wife was pregnant with their now almost 3-year-old son. They had scheduled an appointment ahead of time, and during this year Covid cases were skyrocketing. It was a miracle even to get an appointment. The power was out in that wing area when they arrived. 

“Since the pandemic was new and arising, everyone was freaking out already. Hospitals were wary about letting just anyone in, so getting an appointment was the greatest thing for them,” Damron said.

After being wheeled to the general part of the hospital, she had her C-section surgery. Everything went accordingly after four hours of pushing, but the thought that something could have happened was scary to them. The power outage could interfere with the baby’s monitors and it’s overall just a really scary time to be at a hospital.

 “When you have kids, you’ll understand that what happened was actually a blessing. Anything could have happened and put our baby in jeopardy,” Damron said.

Tornadoes are one of Earth’s many beautiful yet destructive events that occur globally and affect anyone who isn’t lucky enough to leave. Many tornadoes leave citizens devastated and fearful for their lives. Whether it be before or after the storm, tornadoes are greatly seen as something to be educated upon. 

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