Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Exam Stress by Shelby McCoy

                             Exam Stress

            The thought of racing against time to finish studying can be very detrimental to students’ who either try their hardest or can’t work up enough willpower to do so. School tests, exams, grades, and any other standardized testing can pose feelings of stress, anxiety, and can consume the mind. So what’s the trick for some of these kids?

Seven random students were asked how they felt about exams and how they coped with the stress. While some people agreed that it posed stress, others said it wasn’t as difficult after they learned the ropes. They're essentially only worth 7 percent, but that can either be a great impact to grades or a great fall. Quarter exams were taken a month early due to the SAT’s and some others will also agree that it has made them more anxious and more prone to receiving a lower grade than intended. 

Sophomore Shalom Adetulal, says that when she’s stressed out it affects a lot of her day-to-day activities. She loses the ability to eat, higher irritability, and the will to be around other people. Sophomore Wyatt Percoski, says that although he doesn’t really get stressed out during exams, he still has troubles with the homework leading up to the exams. Sophomore Ben Coon agrees that the exams have made him a little more anxious, and the idea that it may drop his grade. 

“If you do all you can to study, then there’s nothing to worry about,” Percoski said. 

“When I stress about things, I am only making it harder for myself. Take it one year at a time, because the outcome doesn’t define who I am in life,” Adetula said. 

Freshmen Jackson Mcspadden and Spencer Nelson say it affects them very little, but it still is important to make sure they succeed in getting a good grade. Freshman Corinn Trammel says that it makes her nervous. Another Freshman  Faridath Assogba says that sometimes she doesn’t do well on exams when she’s stressed and anxious. 

“A tip I use is to focus on my breathing and calm down. It’s only as hard as I make it out to be,” Assogba said. 

Stress during exams can impact anyone. Healthy ways of coping with it can be used. Other times, students should still try their best to succeed. Trying is better than giving up and will lead to something greater than nothing. 

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