Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Spring Break Spots Around Mooresville by Suzanna Paul

       Spring Break Spots Around Mooresville

Many people choose to go on a vacation to another state over Spring Break, but just know that’s not the only option. There are plenty of enjoyable activities right here in Mooresville and in surrounding areas. The costs can vary widely too, from day passes to places, to sometimes getting lucky and finding free admissions. 

There is always the option of going thrift shopping. This is an easy way to get inexpensive clothing and items. This is beloved by many and there are quite a few spots near Mooresville. There’s almost a Goodwill in every township of Indiana. Freshman Sami Shelley says she strongly enjoys going thrifting with her sister.

“I think thrifting is super fun and the opportunity is so fun, and you find things you think you’d never be able to own,” Shelley said.

Another popular place is the Indianapolis Zoo. The ticket prices range from $12-$35 depending on age and if someone orders online or at the gate. Shelley says this is one of her favorite places to go.

“The ocean animals are really cool and I like being outside with nature,” Shelley said.

Also, there are many museums in the Indianapolis area that are inexpensive and are enjoyable by many. One of these museums includes The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis the prices of tickets range from about $30-$35 depending on the day of the week that someone would like to go.

Lots of different people choose a large variety of activities to do over Spring Break, one of these people includes Sophomore Abby Head. She has quite a few different ideas for the break.

The first thing Head plans to do is to work at her job, catch up on sleep, go clothing shopping and hang out with friends and family. 

“I’m very excited to be able to catch up on sleep and see my extended family,” Head said.

Specifically, she wants to shop for a prom dress, because prom is quickly nearing. The other main thing she plans on doing is to go to Top Golf. She specifically enjoys Top Golf because her sport is golf and that is one of her favorite activities.

“Top Golf is super fun and especially when you play with someone that doesn’t play golf normally,” Head said.

The activities that are around Mooresville don’t only include tangible things you have to buy, but they can also just be hanging out with friends and having a good time. Two of MHS’s very own teachers are actually going to have a sleepover together and have some fun plans for the break.

The teachers are Victoria Martinez, Social Studies teacher, and Noel Gillenwater, Science teacher. They have quite a few different things in mind. They said that they have plans to watch the High School Musical movies and eat at one of their favorite local Mexican restaurants, Iguana’s. 

“I’m super pumped, I get to hang out with her mom, Momma Donna as we call her, and get to binge watch High School Musical,” Gillenwater said.

One other main thing they plan to do, is to follow a viral Tik Tok trend and basically scare Martinez’s family and act like something horrible happened to get his reaction, this was Donna’s idea. 

With all of this mind, it is important to note that fun can be had just here in the town of Mooresville and around. People don’t need to travel many miles away to have a good time. There are activities and people to hang out with that are cost effective and won’t kill the wallets.

Photo Submitted by Sami Shelley