Wednesday, March 15, 2023

MHS Show Choir Competitions by Olivia Denny

         MHS Show Choir Competitions    

     The choirs at Mooresville, directed by Jason Damron, are very involved. So far this year the choirs have been to competitions at Pike, Ben Davis, Avon and Brownsburg. Mooresville also hosted a competition called the Spotlighter Invitational. 

Across the board most choir members say their favorite benefit of joining the choir is the friendship and bonds they’ve made along the way. Makenna Alexander, finesse member, appreciates the bonds and special connections made.

          “The relationships you make with the kids around you. The early mornings and the bus rides to the competitions are my favorite part of it all,” Alexander said. 

           The MHS choir has been to 4 competitions this year and hosted the Spotlighter Invitational. 

None of the groups placed at the Pike competition, but the performers that got awards were Ethan Grimes, Joe Coffey, and Libby Young. Ben Davis Madrigals placed second in the champion round, and Nexus did not place. At Avon Finesse placed first runner up and Madrigals placed third. Lastly, at the March 11th Brownsburg competition, Finesse placed fifth in the uni-voice division and Madrigals placed seventh in the mixed category. 

Competition season can seem long, but always worth it to the people in the show choir. The connections made with others and the bond formed with the choir director outweighs all the late nights and bus rides according to Finesse members Lucy Roberts and Allison Rooker. 

“It's so tiring but such a good experience and team bonding. It feels like there's no breaks during competition season,” Roberts said. 

“It's such hard work but Damron motivates us, he’s our number one hype person, he keeps us going during the year and makes us confident in ourselves,” Rooker said. 

  Show Choir gives the students no choice but to branch out and try new things. Some people are confident in their voice but not their dancing, and there's students that feel the other way around. Show choir exercises both skills. Senior Spotlighter, Emma Mohler is thankful for the opportunity to branch out. 

“We do so many concerts and competitions we have no choice but to try new things daily,” Mohler said. 

The Mooresville choir is so loved by its members. Even Though it's not something to be taken lightly, it's still a fun experience for the students. They can all agree they form beautiful experiences and bonds with members from Mooresville and from surrounding schools. 

Photo Submitted by Makenna Alexander