Monday, March 6, 2023

FFA by Suzanna Paul


        FFA is a student-run organization that helps students to prepare for a future in an agricultural career. FFA stands for Future Farmers of America. This club helps students to make connections to agriculture and business. 

Mooresville High School’s FFA is in district 8 collectively with 18 schools in the area. There are more than 3oo different chapters in the state of Indiana. Chapters are defined as each individual school that is a part of this organization. Specifically in Mooresville there are about 20 students and six officers. The officers help to coordinate the FFA events and help to gather the members together. The chapter meetings are once a month, but usually someone is practicing or working on an activity a couple times a week.

The President of the FFA Program is Mabre Lasater. She has been in FFA since 2021, which was her Freshman year. Her main role is to advise others, plan activities and work with the advisors at competitions. She all around has had a good experience in this agricultural club.

“My favorite part thus far was the national convention, seeing everyone and getting to talk to other schools,” Laster said.

There are two different teacher-advisors for the FFA. The first advisor is Jeffrey Voris. He says that FFA is a good way for students to get their hands dirty.

“Diversity is big with FFA, whatever you’re interested in there’s always something for everyone to do,” Voris said.

The other advisor is Brad Gillum. He has been working at Mooresville High School for two years but has taught for a total of five years. His official title as a teacher is an Agriscience teacher. He advises any student planning on joining FFA, should start in the Fall. This is due to the fact that the Fall is the best time to be able to fully see how FFA works. 

There are a total of 40 different competitions that students can participate in throughout the year. This year so far, there have been quite a few students and teams that were able to come through with some wins for Mooresville. First was Horticulture, the study of indoor plants and they got 8th. Second was Entomology, the study of insects with 4th place. Forestry got 11th place as a team and as a personal score Megan Panarisi got 3rd place. There is a new competition that MHS is doing for the first time this year, and that is competing in small engines in two weeks from now. 

Any student that is interested in taking FFA, must be signed up for an agriculture class or have just taken one the previous semester. This is due to the fact that FFA is an intercurricular club, meaning it connects directly with Agriculture.

Photo by Suzanna Paul