Monday, March 13, 2023

Large Families VS. Small Families by Suzanna Paul

      Large Families VS. Small Families

There is a big difference between the way that those in a small family and those in a large family live in their daily lives. At Mooresville specifically, there is a large range of different sized families.

One of the very few only children at MHS is Kaitlyn Reed. She moved to Mooresville in 2020, her eighth-grade year. She has moved a lot in her lifetime, so she has gotten used to the feeling of making new friends. She has a really good relationship with her mom and that seems to get her through the moves.

“If I had a larger family, I feel like I wouldn’t be so close with my mom,” Reed said.

Another Mooresville student that has few siblings is Edith Overton. Overton has one sister, that’s 12, and her two parents. She is all around good with the smaller family and says it leads her to more opportunities. The opportunities entail things such as more one on one time with parents, more time for parents to watch their sports and events and all around it’s easier to split their time between two children. 

Overton plays tennis and participates in show choir. This creates lots of practices and events to attend for her parents. Also, her sister, Claire, is a part of the Student Council, Robotics and Art Club at her school. This means a lot of running around for her parents.

“I think that with me playing tennis, it’s easier to split up my parents' time to watch us both. Also, it’s better money-wise only having to go to two children’s events,” Overton said.

On the other side of things, Ava Newton has quite a large family. Her family has seven people including a new baby coming into the mix just a few months ago. She says that the new baby gets a lot of attention in the family and that the focus is on them, but Ava says she enjoys the attention not on her. 

“Family gatherings are more hectic as usual and I get lots of hand-me-downs,” Newton said.

Amanda Scamacca is an English teacher at MHS. She has zero children as of now but has two dogs that take up a lot of time. She says she wants to have children in the future, but first she wants to get her master's degree. Then if she does have children, she has an ideal maximum of two kids. Now she has way more freedom and even got to experience traveling to Germany just this past year.

“It’s great for now, I get to spend time with my dogs, and I have the freedom to travel,” Scamacca said.

Photo Submitted by Kaitlyn Reed