Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Spring Break Destinations By Noah Justus

  Spring break. A time of pure euphoria and relaxation. A time of cool rains and sleeping till ten in the morning.
  High Schoolers across the country use this time off to decompress. Everyone relaxes in a different way though. Some people enjoy their time outside in the comfort of the hot Florida sun. Some people prefer to just stay inside in the comfort of their own home.
  “Spring break is probably one my favorite breaks from school. There’s kind of an urgency to get out and do something with your time.”, senior Camille Gonzalez said.
  MHS is full of all kinds of different characters which means all kinds of places are about to be visited. It all depends on preference.
  “Getting out of the cold and into some warm weather is one of the most relieving parts of my entire year.”, junior Madison Smither said.
According to recent surveys done by The Pulse staff, the most common vacationing spot for students is relaxing under the sun in a tropical climate.

  While catching up with friends at home is nice and exploring the spectacles of a winter wonderland is cool, statistics show that nothing beats soaking up some sun and enjoying some warm weather according to mooresville students.