Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Challenged Accepted by Ashley Cox

The mannequin challenge is a very popular challenge, but why? The Pulse and Public Relations staff took on this challenge to see if it was worth the talk. Just like every other teen that is doing this challenge, the staff tried to do things silly and serious. If you want to do this challenge you need to stand still, and do something funny. Most people just sit and act like they are doing something productive. Just like this challenge there are a lot more. ALS ice bucket challenge, steal her man challenge, and the 22 push up challenge.

The ALS Challenge                         Steal her man challenge            The Pushup challenge
The #ALSicebucketchallenge is when a person fills up a bucket full of ice water, nominate people to do this challenge, and then dump this water on them. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. When this happens it can lead to the person being paralyzed. This challenge is a fundraiser, and just about everyone does it. August is now the ALS awareness month. In 2014 The challenge brought $115 million dollars donated.
The #stealhermanchallenge is a dance challenge. The song is by Taylor Girlz. The three young girls  mostly sing R&B. They were born into music. Most of their family members are in the music industry. In this challenge you dance to the song. The song has lyrics that go with dance moves, and it is a very fun challenge to do. Just like the mannequin challenge this was and still is very popular on Twitter and Instagram. Taylor Girlz have another popular song called “bang bang.”
The Push up challenge is to raise awareness for veteran suicide. This challenge started in 2013. Over 22 veterans are killed by suicide every day.  It is called #22pushupschallenge. By doing one or even 100 pushups it can help raise awareness. The goal is to get 22 million push ups, and they reached that goal! Any pushup counts, on your knees, inclined, or air push ups. Just do the four easy steps, record yourself, upload the video, put the hashtag, and then post it! You can do it with friends or in groups.

All of these challenges are fun and for a great cause. The mannequin challenge and steal her man challenge are fads that will not be popular in a couple of weeks or months, but the ALS ice bucket challenge and the 22 pushups challenge are not fads and hopefully they will keep going on to raise money. Should you do these challenges? Of course! They aren’t just fun, they help people out. Some classes at Mooresville have done the mannequin challenge, including the Pulse. Try these challenge’s or even others, you may have fun.