Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fashionable Fall Boots by Kitley DeFelice

From comfort to style to functional protection or expansive trendy applicability, these students tell why they admire the boots they’re wearing this Autumn season.

Sweet, Britany.png

Sophomore Britany SweetSweet, Britany Boots.jpg
“They make me look really good, and they’re comfy.”
Sophomore Myah CorcoranCorcoran, Myah.pngQuintin, Haylee Boots.jpg
“They’re comfortable and they go with a lot.”Bewley, Emily.pngBewley, Emily Boots.jpg

Senior Emily Bewley
“They keep my feet dry when I walk to school.”
Junior Haylee QuintonQuintin, Haylee Boots.jpgQuintin, Haylee.png
“They’re comfortable, and I can wear big fuzzy socks with them, and it will still go with my outfit.”Clayton, Nicole.pngClayton, Nicole Boots.jpg

Sophomore Nicole Clayton

“They are comfortable and fashionable for fall and winter. I love wearing cute socks with them, too!”