Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Volleyball Update

    Volleyball Update
by Baron Medsker
     After a 6-10 season last year, the Mooresville Girls’ volleyball is looking for a rebounding season. Key victories last year included Whiteland and Decatur Central in conference.
    Returning varsity players include senior Haley Chitwood and sophomore Sarah Head. New varsity players include seniors Kelly Kubishta, Lindsay Wittell, and Mikayla Rusie, junior Kia Hreno, sophomores Sophia Shock, Sarah Ray, Abby Wilson, and Reagan Roberson, and freshman Sam Walsh.
   “Our team has really focused on the technicality of volleyball. We broke down the basics of passing, setting, and hitting and worked on perfecting techniques. Our main goal is to win sectionals. Our start to the season has been pretty rocky, but I can tell in each game that we’re improving in some aspect. By the time sectionals come around, we should be exactly where we want to be in terms of unity and development,” senior Lindsay Wittell said.