Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ada Clark’s 9/11 Experience

Ada Clark’s 9/11 Experience
On September 11, 2001 twenty year old Mrs. Ada Clark was at Ball State University.
“I was a junior at Ball State getting ready for my first class of the day. My roommate called my attention to the TV, and we saw the second plane crash into the towers.  I felt confused,” Clark said.
“At the time, I was the features editor at the Ball State Daily News, so I immediately went to the newsroom. Since my journalism professors knew I worked at the paper, they excused me from most of my classes that day, and instead I was assigned a story to write about the implications of the attacks. I spent the rest of my day interviewing political science professors and working at the copy desk at the paper,” Clark said. “All of us who were working at the paper scrambled to put the next day’s issue together. Because the attacks were nothing like any of us had ever experienced, the issue we produced was nothing like we had ever made. Later that year, our Sept. 12 issue (covering the events of Sept. 11) won a national award for being one of the best college papers in the nation; however, it was very difficult to be excited about something we had produced because of something happened that was so horrible.”
            This day greatly impacted her future.
“I can honestly say that the events from Sept. 11 had a major impact on my career choice. The experience of covering this story was one of the reasons why I decided to change my major to journalism education,” Clark said. “I love journalism, but I can become too involved emotionally in the stories that I write to be well-suited for news writing. Later that semester I did a great deal of soul-searching, and decided that I wanted to be a journalism teacher.”