Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Senior Jeans on a Budget

Senior Jeans on a Budget
by Michele Kidd and Morgan Lawson

Senior jeans have been a tradition at Mooresville High School for as long as students can remember. Some girls spend their entire high school careers looking forward to wearing their very own Senior jeans, but when it gets down to making them, they’re underfunded for the project. The cost for making Senior jeans may seem surprisingly high, but following these simple steps could make Senior jeans a fun and affordable breeze.
1.       Go in with a friend. (It cuts cost in half and makes it more fun.)
2.       Bargain hunt. (Walmart has a good craft selection for a low price. Goodwill jeans might not be the fanciest but they get the job done.)
3.       Don’t wait until the last minute.
4.       Brainstorm.
Some things that usually go on senior jeans are quotes, pictures, glitter, puffy paint, names, and friends’ signatures.
According to Mrs. Sharon Eickhoff, “Senior jeans are a great tradition but I think they should only be for seniors. No sophomore socks or anything.”