Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cathy Guy’s 9/11 Experience

Cathy Guy’s 9/11 Experience
On September 11, 2001 Mrs. Cathy Guy was 45 years old and giving the ISTEP test to a group of 6th graders at West Middle School in Martinsville, Indiana.
“The assistant principal came around to each classroom to let the teachers know what was going on. We didn’t want the students to know right away,” Guy said. “I was able to walk across the hallway a while later and watched the TV in the nurse’s office. I saw the plane hit the second tower. I was shocked that we could be attacked on our soil. Stuff like that always happens somewhere else. It was the first time that I remember having a lockdown at school. I just kept seeing the images on the TV and I wondered what is next?  I didn’t cry. I just kept trying to process what happened. I called all my close family like my parents, brother in Arizona and sister.”
For Guy this national tragedy hit close to home.
“I have a lot of family in New Jersey. Many people in New Jersey travel to New York City to work. I have a cousin who used to work at the Towers but he had already retired,” Guy said. “I know a family from Martinsville that were staying in New York City at the time. They could see the towers from their hotel room. They drove out of the city that day to come home as fast as they could.”
September 11 still affects many people today.
“I didn’t realize at the time how much it was going to affect me and my family. My son was a freshman at Martinsville High School during 9/11. I had no idea at that time that my son would decide to go off to far-away places because of what happened that day.  He is currently an Army Sergeant with the 101st Airborne,” Guy said. “He just got back from his 3rd deployment. His first deployment was in Iraq. He has had two deployments in Afghanistan.”