Friday, September 20, 2013

Pep Rally Seating

Homecoming Field Day Supervision

Friday, September 20, 2013




Concession Stand



South East Bleacher


North East Bleacher


Phillips (Bond)                 Shafer         Vaughan

McAdams     Chain

Damron        Burnett

Jenkins         Dickerson

South East Bleacher


Lindsey          Mirabelli

Skaggs           Robinson

Gobel            Neese

Zollman        Johnson

Bothwell      Farrand














Basketball Court




Paul Uhls


South West Bleacher


Gilly             Sawyer

DiLisio         Franklin

Hurt            Eickhoff

Patel           Spear

Guy             Hoffman

South West Bleacher


Davis               Zook

Kassen            Howard

Clark               Pearison

Trebel            Blackwell


North West Bleacher


Football Team




Door #8










   Co-Captains of fall sports sit in first row in front of Paul Uhls

Gate Supervision:   Goddard, Owens


Ground Supervision:   Marine, Bosworth, Dockery, VanWanzeele, Disney, Burgess, Perkins, White, Nay, Jones








The above is a sketch of the stands in the south gym as students will be seated for the Homecoming afternoon convocation on Friday, September20th.  Staff members will supervise the assigned student sections and either sit or stand in that section throughout the convocation. 

 If a staff member is competing in an event, please make sure that someone in your area is available to help with supervise as you leave.  Please return back to your assigned class once the competition is over.  

At the end of the program, classes will be dismissed separately in the following order: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior