Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guidance News: Wells Scholarship Information

by Taylor Childs
   Based solely on merit, this scholarship provides full tuition, mandatory and course related fees and a living stipend for four years of undergraduate study on the Bloomington Campus of Indiana University. The scholar may also choose to spend one of these years studying abroad.
  The scholar program emphasizes close interaction with faculty; academic and career mentoring; opportunities for internships, research and community service; a year-long freshman seminar and frequent contact with distinguished visitors. Between 18 and 22 incoming freshman receive the award each year.
   If interested, please submit a copy of your brag sheet and the following essay to the guidance department by September 13, 2012.
   “Please formulate a question about an issue of significance about an issue of significance about which thoughtful people disagree. Then in an original essay of approximately 600 to 800 words, present your analysis of the issue and your response to the question, noting the strongest competing arguments.”
   Mooresville Fact: Kaitlyn Walker was the last one in Mooresville High School to receive this scholarship.