Thursday, April 25, 2019

College Tips by Abby Cox

For most seniors at Mooresville High School, college is coming up fast.
The overwhelming feeling of childhood coming to a close can spread like wildfire around the school when someone announces the number of days till graduation. Then seniors could stop and think, “Am I prepared of college.”
There are numerous checklists all over the web to print off or download as a safety net when moving out. There may be a few things forgotten until a few weeks into school, however these lists may prevent that.
Preparing for college could mean downloading lists and making sure dorms are more home like. Having friends to go through the change with could help. Here is some advice for MHS graduates.

“Connect with people and create social groups because it’ll make {college} easier to bear,” Mooresville High School graduate Aundreya White said.

“If you know someone and want to share text books, it saves money,” Mooresville High School graduate Lacey Watt said.

“Sleep is super important. Yeah you can do the all nighters and drink coffee but it will eventually catch up to you. I’ve accidentally fallen asleep and missing morning classes because of it,” Watt said.

“Office hours are made for you! Don’t be afraid to visit the professor, they like it when you ask for help,” Watt said.

“School is important but so is mental health. I have personally found myself so busy from schools and work and just trying to keep up with it all, I’d forget to eat or shower for the day. It’s important to do your best but also know that doing your best in one category doesn’t mean completely sacrifice the other,” Watt said.

“Don’t overload with extracurricular activities. It can get very hectic if you do,” Watt said.

“College is a place to start over ultimately if you think about it . you can change all bad habits from high school and start fresh. Everything you do is going to build you and your career in the future ,” Watt said.

“Don’t drop out {of college} because of a boy, you’ll owe {the college} a lot of money,” MHS graduate Allison Birkla.