Monday, November 14, 2022

Top Things MHS Students Are Thankful For - Suzanna Paul

          Top Things MHS Students Are Thankful For

It’s becoming that time again; the leaves begin to change colors and then eventually fall off. Then towards the end of November is the big day to spend time with loved ones and eat lots of food. The day in reference is of course Thanksgiving. While there are so many delicious foods to eat, there is one big important factor that the season should be focused towards more. This is of course the thankful aspect of the holiday. 

There was a survey done to see what top three things MHS students were most thankful for this season. There were many completely different ideas of what to be thankful for. Some of the most common were family, food, religious figures, pets, and friends. 

Freshman Magnus Thorstenson this season has quite a few things to be thankful for. One including his well-off family. “Having a good family with parents with solid jobs and solid lives,” Thorstenson said. He also was thankful for having a good head on his shoulders.

Photo submitted by Magnus Thorstenson

Mooresville occasionally has exchange students coming through the school to experience a different perspective in life. One of the few is Jennifer Latino; she has a unique thanks this year. “To my parents for letting me do my exchange year.” Latino said.  She also said she was thankful for her grandparents undying love for her and her best friends back home in Italy for giving her motivation, love and support every day.

Photo submitted by Jennifer Latino

Senior Matthew Hochstetler had very thoughtful responses to this question. “Being able to have food to eat, with the rising food prices, it is much more difficult to find food that won't make you broke,” Hochstetler said. He is very thankful for many different people including his parents supporting all of his endeavors and having a nice home to stay in. 

Photo submitted by Matthew Hochstetler

Now for a look at a teacher’s perspective, Elizabeth Burke is an MHS history teacher. She’s  excited about one very specific thing this year. “I’m thankful I’ve got to spend more time with my family, since I’ve  moved back home.” Burke said. 

While this time of the year is very exciting because of all of the different food and activities to do, it is important to keep track of what to be thankful for. Listed above was just a small number of the things to be grateful for. Without all of the different important factors in life, there would be nothing to be able to celebrate. Family, biological or not, is such an important part of not only this season, but all of life, so sometimes it’s important to step back and make sure to show thanks for the little things in life.