Friday, November 11, 2022

Mooresville Competition Cheer Team - Gracie Holcomb

Mooresville Competition Cheer Team

 Last week, Mooresville's’ very own Competition Cheer Team placed third in the state! This was the highest score that Mooresville has ever received. Also, Mooresville’s Stunt Cheer Team placed first in state. The Mooresville competition cheer team has been working diligently to move their way up in the Mid State Conference. 

Ruth Parker is a Sophomore, and has been a Competition cheerleader for five years, she has been a competitive cheerleader at Mooresville for one year. Ruth is a flyer on the cheer team, this is a very important role, the flyer provides more energy in the stunt and adds excitement to the stunt. “As a flyer, your main job is to use your strength to maintain your balance so that it is easy for the people beneath you to perform the stunt,” Parker said. Ruth said that she would like to smile more in the upcoming competition. Smiling is very important when cheering, it improves your impression score and is overall something the judges look for.

Daniel Western is a Junior and has been a competitive Cheerleader at Mooresville for one year! Daniel is a back spot support. This makes sure the stunt is stable, which is vital at making sure that the flyer does not get hurt. “We’re working on making sure the stunt hits, and are consistent, and we’re trying to improve on making tumbling and stunting on time and that it hits,” Western said. Overall, it looks like Mooresville's competition cheer team is working hard on their stunts and impressions that will take them further into the competitions. Good luck to the competition cheer team.

Photo Submitted by Kayli Keith