Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Food Drive and Student Resources - Olivia Denny

                            Food Drive and Student Resources

The Mooresville food drive race has begun! The grade that donates the most non-perishable foods is given a reward of free admission to the powder puff volleyball game, and to purchase a raffle ticket with the opportunity to pie an administrator in the face. This gives students motivation and usually results in a wonderful turnout.

 Here's how someone can help! Donating cereal is a great way because it is the most needed food item. Cash Kidwell is a Freshman, and he’s the student council treasurer. “Boxes of cereal are especially needed because it is easy for little kids to get for themselves if they are home alone over the break,” Kidwell said. School food drives are a fantastic way to engage kids in their communities by expanding access to food and teaching them how to organize a community event. Help stock the shelves for people that need it, especially this time of year. 

The Student Body Vice President is Holly Conner. “The canned food drive is very important because it gives back to people that need it in this hard time,” Conner said. The food drive will continue until November 18, which is when the food will be delivered to churches in mission. “Everything that we collect is going to be combined with the elementary and middle school and feed our kids through the breaks because sometimes the only food these students have are what they have at school,” Mills said. The goal is to see the crates overflowing. Working together to make the holiday season easier for so many others.

Photo by Olivia Denny