Friday, November 11, 2022

Girls' Wrestling First Meet - Kade Fisher

                  Girls' Wrestling First Meet

    On Saturday, November 12, 2022, The Girls' Wrestling team will have its first meet. This is very interesting and should get brought into light more because this is the first time in Mooresville's history of a girl’s wrestling meet. Junior Mady Law has joined Girl’s Wrestling after previously being a kicker for the football team in the fall. “I think it'll definitely be a learning experience. I think I’ll be okay; it’ll show me what I need to prepare for in future meets,” Law said.

    Coach Daniel Mikesell has been preparing the girls for their first meet in the best way he can by training hard, giving them good words, and just trying to get them in a good mindset for their first meet. “I’m excited about our first meet, it’ll give us a great chance to really show what the girls have been working hard for and to show everyone out there what we can do,” Mikesell said.

    Saturday, MHS will be wrestling at this meet, this meet gives the opportunity to show what MHS can do and how well Mooresville takes pride in taking care of their athletes. The Girl’s Wrestling team has been working hard for this moment to show their strength and that even with the team being brand new, it doesn’t mean that they can’t pull off a victory for Mooresville.

Photo by Kade Fisher