Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm No Twihard: Breaking Dawn Part II Review

by Taylor Childs
   Thirty minutes early and there’s still a line. Middle-aged and older women crowd the entrance to The Rave anticipating the next twelve hours that they’ll spend here. The younger fan base will come out later that night for the 10 p.m. premiere.
   Some movie goers had already picked up their tickets; the ones who didn’t were directed to the cashiers at the window or the machine. Once we received our tickets, we were ushered to one theater that we would keep for the entirety of the marathon. On the way in, we were all handed candy, a raffle ticket and a lanyard that would be our pass in and out of the theater.
People settled in their seats with their food and blankets while the movie attendants came in. They explained to us that we were a “special group of dedicated fans,”except I’m not. I’m no “twihard.” I’m just here for the experience.
   They told us the schedule. There was going to be an intermission between each of the movies. The Rave is the perfect place for an all-day marathon because of all the restaurants in Metropolis. Although my group left The Rave twice for food, I stayed in the theater for the majority of the marathon. I was going to take advantage of this experience.
   The first movie began to play and halfway through it I realized just how far the saga had come. Anyone who has watched as far as the second movie can see the difference in quality. The first movie seems honestly laughable in comparison to the others. It lacks in quality acting, special effects, storyline and action. The saga has evolved from just a love story to an action packed romance that has a great sense of both.
   Throughout the second, third and fourth movies, I began to analyze everything about this whole Twilight commotion. I couldn’t personally understand why this was so important to some people; how this could possibly be a massive group of peoples Harry Potter. The fandom of the saga has grown a great bit along with the maturation of the films. It has grown from overly obsessive preteens to people of all ages.
   The saga has a storyline that cannot be emulated because it would be ridiculous if it actually happened. Viewers are able to enjoy it on the surface without having to analyze, because it breaks the boundaries of reality. To this community of people called a fandom, the series represents reaching out of their ordinary lives to dive into a world where unrealistic things materialize. And you don’t have to actually believe in supernatural things to enjoy it. The characters are also relatable, on one level or another. The series holds onto stereotypes within the characters, but throughout the saga they seem to become more personable.
   As part one of Breaking Dawn ended, I began wondering whether the marathon had been actually worth it, I could borrow the DVD’s from a friend. But as my friends as I left the theater for the intermission before the premier of the fifth movie, we saw the line that made us understand why this had been a good idea. These people had over an hours wait outside in the cold, and we already had our seats all cozy in our own theater. Not to mention the free refills on popcorn and soda only marathon goers had.
   Those who only watch the films for comedy will be surprised by the intensity by the last and final film. Throughout the series, each of the conflicts was not easily predicted. The saga does a superb job of keeping the audience unknowing and awaiting more. Breaking Dawn Part Two has an amazing climax, as anyone who has seen the movie should tell you. It built up to it extremely well. In the final movie, all teams have been eliminated, there’s solely one common goal. I have never been in a theater where the audience actually screamed during the movie that wasn’t of the horror genre. These weren’t only gasps, but full-out screams from the truly dedicated fans.
   Throughout the entire marathon, the audience clapped whenever Jacob or Edward would make their first entrance into each movie. It made the movies sort of interactive. But all the silliness ended as soon at the lighted dimmed for Breaking Dawn Part Two. Get ready for the end of forever.