Thursday, September 21, 2017

Freshmen on Varsity by Abby Cox

Davison Wagner makes the game breaking stop at the Martinsville vs. Mooresville game.
The crowd gasping at the block that stopped the Martinsville team from score a game winning shot. The game is officially over and the score is 0-0. It is time for the teams to go into overtime. Wagner is standing in his main position, strong and confident in his skills. He held his own position through the next ending, and now it was time for the P.K.s, or penalty kicks. The crowd went silent and the boys stepped up to the line. Mooresville was up to kick and they made it. The crowd rumbled in excitement and all the soccer boys charged the field jumping and shouting.

davison wagner pic.JPG
Freshman Davison Wagner blocks ball from reaching the goal. Wagner started varsity for MHS every game this year. “I feel like I’m apart of the team and that they support me and I’m capable of doing anything out there,” Wagner said.


Freshman Addison Shafer blocking the ball from hitting the court. Shafer made varsity for her freshman year. “I almost feel like as if I can do anything with my teammates who cheer me on and work together,” Shafer said.

Freshman Addison Shafer is a freshman on varsity Volleyball for MHS. Addison started playing volleyball in 8th grade. Addison came to all the summer work outs this year and played in the varsity Thursday night games when she was invited. Her one on one work with the coach really pushed out her skills and showed her true athletic side.

Freshman Zachary Richards is protecting the quarterback. Richard has played on varsity for MHS all of his freshman year. “It feels thrilling, it’s like an experience I could imagine,” Richards said.

Freshman Zachary Richard's is a freshman on varsity football. His hard work and determination has stood out among coaches and landed him a spot on the varsity team. Richards started playing football at a the age of 6. Richard showed that taking opportunities and showing coaches 110% can go a long way.