Monday, October 17, 2022

Best Inexpensive Fall Break Activities - Suzanna Paul

   Best Inexpensive Fall Break Activities

In the fall season there are so many fun different activities to participate in! There are lots of different festivals going on and a vast number of pastimes to take part in. Some inexpensive ideas for the spooky season are haunted houses, carving pumpkins, trick or treating on Halloween, and decorate spooky cookies. 

The first place that would be fun to take a younger sibling or friend would be the Halloween Hike. This is at Pioneer Park from 3 to 4 on October 29th. It’s going to be a mile long trail around the park with 20 different stations passing out candy.

Another idea for an activity is going to a neighboring Apple Orchard. There are a few within 30 minutes of the main Mooresville area. One popular orchard is Anderson Orchard, here there are countless apples to choose from and a notorious hayride to the pumpkin patch. At the front of the orchard there are big sales of pumpkins and apples and other fall treats to purchase.

Beasley’s Orchard is another very popular place to buy pumpkins, for a good fall decoration. The admission fee for this fall orchard ranges from $10.00 to $14.00. They sell a vast range of different fruits and vegetables in their homegrown farm. 

One of the spookiest Halloween-time activities would have to be going to a haunted house. There are quite a lot near and in the Mooresville area, ranging from Indianapolis to Bedford Indiana. One that seemingly has very great reviews that is pretty close, is only $25 admission per person. This specific place is called Hanna Haunted Acres. MHS Sophomore Zaiah Crites in specific had a good experience with this haunted house. "I really enjoyed the haunted house and it had very exciting jump scare throughout the course of it." Crites said.

Obviously on the actual day of Halloween, there is the biggest activity of all, Trick or Treating. Just because someone is in high school, it doesn’t mean they should have to lose the fun experience of dressing up and getting free candy. The students with younger siblings can easily “take their little sibling out for trick or treating,” but in reality, also get some good finds themselves. 

Here were just a few of the many different ways to celebrate the fall season ahead. With all of this in mind, the conclusion can be drawn that there is no price limit on a good time. With many varying prices of activities for fall, cheaper options are always available, to still enjoy the season.