Friday, January 25, 2013

Ivy Tech and Vincennes University to Offer New Dual Credit and AP Courses Next Year

  Ivy Tech Dual Credit:
·         Introduction to Psychology
·         U.S. Government
·         Introduction to Sociology
·         College Algebra

Vincennes University Dual Credit:
·         Earth Science
·         English Composition 101
·         English Composition 102
·         Intro to AV Production
·         Introduction to Business
·         Web Design
·         Consumer Behavior
·         Intro to Computer Concepts
·         Communications and Networking

   In addition, MHS will offer several experience-based courses which will earn students high school credits as well as certification through Ivy Tech, including:

·         Project Lead the Way Introduction to Engineering Design
·         Cadet Teaching
·         Project Lead the Way Principles of Engineering
·         Computers in Design & Production

   Some of these courses will be offered each year while others may be offered on alternate years depending on the number of interested students and students who have met prerequisites.

Other Changes
·         New or re-worked course options in honors and advanced Spanish, visual arts and advanced manufacturing
·         Students who pass their English 10 End of Course Assessment (a graduation requirement) on the first try will also have more varied opportunities in 11th and 12th grade language arts, including poetry, novels, short stories and other possible courses.
·         Students with an interest in medical fields may also try the Principles of Biomedical Sciences course, which involves the study of human medicine, research processes and an introduction to bioinformatics.

   Students will begin scheduling for the new school year in February. Questions about the course offerings should be directed to the MHS Guidance Department at 831-9203.