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Renovation Update

   With all the new changes coming to MHS, Pulse is here to keep students updated on what’s happening with the renovation process. Below is some information regarding the current situation with the construction.

Former Library (Soon to become new office)

Former Library Entrance

Staff Members now park in front lot

Current Renovations taking place:
·         Library
o   This area will become the main office.
·         Athletic Office
o   This area will be incorporated into the new main office.
Currently Affected Faculty Members:
·         Mr. Chad Briscoe
o   Now located near the South Gym.
·         Mrs. Barb Goddard
o   Now located in Room 131.
·         Mr. Brian Stayte
o   Moved due to need for computer labs (as a result of the old library being cleared out).
·         Mrs. Lindy Scott
o   Moved due to need for computer labs (as a result of the old library being cleared out). Now located in Room 137.
Areas that will be worked on before school ends:
·         Library (being converted into new main office)
Estimations for Summer Construction  (what may be done before school starts again):
·         Current Main Office
·         All Classrooms Started
·         Industrial Arts Area
·         Old Library Area
·         New Corridor

   “The 2013-2014 school year will be a construction zone. Many improvements will be taking place,” Mr. Tim VanWanzeele said, “and we are upgrading many things that will improve the look and usefulness of our facility.

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