Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Activities

by Abby Ellinghausen
   Do you ever get bored during the summer and have no idea what to do? Well, we’ve got you covered with a few ideas.
   If you are looking for something to do one day just here in Mooresville, you could go to the pool at Pioneer Park or just to have a picnic. 
   “I really like going to Gray’s for lunch and taking it to the park to eat,” senior Taylor Fiesel said. 
There is also a new Soaring Eagle Zipline being put in at the park, which is only $7 a ride. For more information on the zipline and other park activities go to
 The Mooresville Library will kick off its annual summer reading program on May 31st. This year’s theme is Beneath the Surface. The program will be focused on mysteries, the mind, and masquerade. There will be events such as Rorschach Henna, Sherlock Holmes Scavenger Hunt, Cosplay, Life Size Clue, and much more. There will be tons of prizes for teens participating in the reading program. You can find more information soon at
   If you are an outdoor person some good things to do would be biking or rollerblading at the park, exploring scenic trails at Sodalis Nature Park in Plainfield or you could even go canoeing. You could also take a road trip and head down to Holiday World or Kings Island for a day with your friends or family.
There are also many fun things to do in downtown Indianapolis including the Indianapolis Zoo, the Children’s Museum or Indianapolis Museum of Art.
   “I love going to the zoo for a day with my niece during the summer,” sophomore Grant Bailey said.
 In addition to those things you can rent a paddle boat on the canal, go to an Indians’ game, climb to the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument or spend an afternoon at the City Market. These are all great things to do with a small group of friends!
Concerts are also a great thing to do in the summer. For concerts around Indianapolis check out   
   If you are looking for things like summer camps and such, is a great tool to use to find a camp to attend this summer.  You can search by camp type, camp activity, or state/province. There are many different types of camps including day camps, residential camps, adventure-travel camps, religious camps and more.