Monday, November 4, 2013

Ghost Stories

Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has a ghost, or scary, story to tell.
During the month of October, the Pulse team conducted a survey and gave students and staff the opportunity to publish their own ghost or scary stories. The following students and staff had their stories chosen by the Pulse team to publish:

  • Shane Hart
  • Nickolas Young
  • Amy Taylor
  • Cassy Clark
  • Karena Noragon
  • Casey Deverage
  • Mrs. Diane Evans
  • Mrs. Dawn Staggs

    I was sitting shotgun in the car with my mom when I was 7 or 8, and as we drove past a cemetery I saw kids playing baseball in the cemetery. I asked my mom why kids were playing in the cemetery, and she said there wasn't anyone there. I told her what I saw. She thought it was really weird, because that was the children's section of the cemetery.
    by Shane Hart

    Halloween was always a fun holiday to spend with my father. It has been about 6 years since I have been able to be with my father, but whenever I walk around with my brother I feel that my dad is always there with me as we would go trick-or-treating. Last year was the first year that I actually took my little brother trick-or-treating alone. As we were walking I would feel a hand on my shoulder but there  was nothing there. I recognized that hand as my father’s. He was walking with me and my brother. That is my true story about my Halloween walks around the town with my brother.

    by Nickolas Young

    My grandma has had a ghost team come out and set up cameras and microphones to capture footage and voice recordings of her house. She kept a cd full of the footage. All of the noises, videos, and voices in her house were on that cd. Her house caught on fire a few years ago during the ice storm. After the firemen left, we went upstairs to make sure everything was alright. There was a voice we kept hearing. It said, "I’m right here. I’m not burnt". We followed the noise. It was a toy. The toy had no batteries and wouldn’t say anything when we were holding it. When we put batteries in it, it said something else.
    by Amy Taylor

    I almost died in Jamaica. My church group was downtown in Jamaica eating some ice cream. A drunk man with a machete and knife was chasing after me and my mission trip group because he said, “white people were stupid and shouldn't be allowed in his country”. My pastor stepped in between the man and all of us and a worker at the ice cream shop kept telling the man to leave. Our van ironically would not start right away and he followed us to the van. But eventually it started and we got away.
    by Cassy Clark

    My great-grandma actually passed away during an exorcism which was performed on her. I've never gotten over the fact that the last time I saw her, she wasn't really the sweet grandmother I knew when I was little..
    by Karena Noragon

    I was walking one night in the woods. I heard trees and leaves breaking. I stopped and it kept going. I looked around and didn't see anything. I remembered somebody had been killed in those woods. I looked around. I saw nothing. I turned my flashlight on and still didn't see anything. Then I heard a girl scream. I looked everywhere and still saw nothing! I started walking again and I heard another scream, but this time it was closer than before. Then I saw it. A transparent figure running through the woods. After that, I bolted towards home. I never went back to those woods.
    by Casey Deverage

      The first home we bought was modest, a bit run down, and in the country.  We loved the back porch and its view, though, so we decided to renovate.  Besides, the price was unbelievably cheap!
      All progressed well with the remodeling and we soon settled into a comfortable rhythm of life.  One day I remarked about a recurring weird dream I was having about the kitchen cupboards opening and slamming shut.  Not that I saw it happen, just heard it.
     "No way!" my husband exclaimed.  
      He said he was hearing the cupboards slamming shut but didn't want to say anything because it was kind of nuts.  Now, if I was not dreaming about them but actually hearing them as I was coming out of sleep, we were both hearing something impossible.  We wondered about this phenomenon but could never catch it happening.  We became accustomed to the sound and began sleeping through it, or it stopped.....until we acquired pets.
     Our daughter is an animal lover and our early pets included a cat and dog.  We noticed they always avoided one corner of the dining room but never paid much attention to it.  It was also about this time that our daughter started complaining about bad feelings in the hallway.  
      Things came to a head one November evening, during a storm, of course.  The wind was howling and a tree's branches were slapping the side of the house.  I jumped out of bed to yell at the dog when she started barking, worried she would wake my daughter.  As I ran out the bedroom I stepped on the floor board that always creaked when weight is put on it, just adding to my irritation.  I arrived in the dining room and the dog was running back and forth across the avoided corner, barking and baying.  The cat was there, too, back arched and hissing at thin air.  At that moment I was wishing my husband was home to witness this experience, but he was working the late shift.  I did finally calm the pets and settled myself in bed.
      Sleep was slow to come and when it did it was short lasted.  I woke to two sounds: the dog's low growling and the floor board squeaking and creaking just at the bedroom's door.  I first thought my husband was joking around but realized the dog would never growl at him.  I went from laying down to standing next to the bed in one move, heart pounding loud enough to be heard in the next county, surely.  The moonlight let my unblinking eyes see there was noone there to continue the discordant floorboard tune!
      "Stop it!" I yelled.
      "I dont' have time for this!"
      I jumped back in bed, grabbed the dog tight, and pulled the covers over my head.  The squeaking stopped, never to be heard again while we lived there.
    by Mrs. Diane Evans

    When my children were in about 2nd and 3rd grade (1994 or 95). We were coming home from Martinsville on the back roads. It was very warm about 79 or 80. We didn't have air conditioning, so we had the windows down. We were almost to Brooklyn by the graveyard we heard a voice say, "lock your doors". My husband (at the time) and I looked at each other and, without saying a word, both rolled up our windows and locked the doors. Soon after, a cold breeze came through the car. Both the children said they felt cold. When we got home I asked if he had heard anything and he said yes. That winter we noticed foot prints across our porch. We have seen things and had strange things happen in and around our house. We have moved twice since then and strange things are still happening.
    by Mrs. Dawn Staggs