Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Crafts: 5 or Less Easy Steps

Thanksgiving Crafts: 5 or Less Easy Steps
by Whitney Smither
String of Leaves
Supplies needed:
- Construction paper (orange, red, yellow, brown, or other earth tones)
- Crayons or Markers
- Scissors
-Glue, Tape, or Staples
- Long piece of green or brown yarn of string
1) Draw a leaf on a piece of construction paper. Make sure to draw a thick stem in the top. If necessary, use a leaf template.
2) Cut out the leaf. Draw the leaf veins if you wish.
3) Fold the leaves stem in half.
4) Attach the leaf to a long string using tape, glue, or staples. Make more leaves and attach them to the string.
5) Hang the string of leaves across the room for a wonderful Thanksgiving decoration.

Magic Leaf Drawing
Supplies needed: Real leaf, piece of paper, and crayon(s)

1) Find a leaf.
2) Put the leaf on a flat surface.
3) Cover the leaf with a piece of paper.
4) Crayon on the paper over the leaf.
5) Magically, a leaf will appear.

Photo Napkin Rings
Supplies needed: Digital images of old photos, scissors, glue, scrapbook paper, tape

1) Gather digital images or scan old photos. Print each photo and trim into a square, then glue it to scrapbook paper and trim the paper to leave a ¼- inch border on all sides.

2) Cut a paper strip, fold it into four equal parts to make a squared off ring, insert a rolled napkin and tape the ring ends together. Use tape to attach the mounted photo to the ring.