Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanks for Thanksgiving

Thanks for Thanksgiving
by Kyrstin Coomes
The Pulse staff went around asking a few teachers and students what they were thankful for and what Thanksgiving meant to them.

“[I’m thankful for] my girlfriend,” senior Rachel Ham said. When asked what Thanksgiving meant to her, she replied with a serious expression, “[I] stop eating three days before to make room to eat lots and lots of food.”

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to live in this wonderful country where men and women are created equal,” junior Peyton Lindley said.  “It means that I get to nourish my body in the fellowship of my loved ones,” Lindley said.

“I’m thankful for food. And Starbucks,” senior Samantha Martinez said.  “[Thanksgiving] means family coming together for a night,” Martinez said.

“[I’m thankful for] family friends, and rainbows,” sophomore Kassidy Andrews said.

“I’m thankful for GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) because it gives me the chance to be who I want to be and make new friends,” sophomore Breanna Bates said.

“I’m thankful for the weekend,” English teacher Jason Zollman said.

“[I’m thankful for] my family, and that I have jobs,” Algebra teacher Jennifer Vaughan said. “[Thanksgiving is] a time to be grateful for the things I have more so than the average day,” Vaughan said.

“I’m very, very thankful for family and friends, and an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness when I get to educate an amazing group of students,” Government teacher Joyce Gilly said.  “[Thanksgiving is] a real sense of tradition. [It’s] a day to prepare the meal with my mother, and my son coming home is any day to celebrate,” Gilly said.

“I’m thankful I’m pregnant and that the morning sickness is over,” Spanish teacher Alicia Richhart said.

“I’m thankful that I’m not pregnant,” English teacher Lisa Gobel said.

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