Monday, April 7, 2014

Lent Update: Week One

Senior Jackie Farrand has given up drinking soda and shopping for herself for lent. 
“This week has been a little tough because I’ve been very tempted to drink just a little cup of Coke, but I talked myself out of it,” Farrand said.
  “I think the hardest part [this week] was when my mom would buy a couple of two liters of Coke and they would just be sitting there on counter. It was really tempting not to drink some,” Farrand said.
  With all of these temptations though, she has stayed true to lent. 
“I’m gonna be honest, it sucks, but I think that’s the point of lent, to give up something that is really hard to give up,” Farrand said.
Stay tuned for an update on Jackie Farrand’s progress on lent.