Monday, December 18, 2017

Road Safety column by Avery Meyer


Tis the season for presents and nearly 76,000 road accidents involving ice and sleet every year according to  
  “About 70% of all deaths that happen in the winter are automobile related.” said.
  Here are some ways that you can avoid accidents when driving on the road.
Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Driving too quickly can cause your tires to lose traction to the road and slide off. If you break too hard your tires will also lose traction from the immediate loss of movement between your tires and the road.
  If it can be helped, drive less during the winter time. One may be a good driver during the winter, but some others may not be. Do not tempt fate, if you don't have to be somewhere; just watch the snow safely from indoors.
  Drive slower. Everything takes longer on snow-covered roads. Accelerating, stopping, turning – nothing happens as quickly as on dry pavement. Give yourself time to maneuver by driving slowly.
   When driving on ice and snow, do not use cruise control and avoid abrupt steering maneuvers.  When merging into traffic, take it slow.  Sudden movements can cause your vehicle to lose traction  slide.
  Be careful with hills. Applying extra gas on snow-covered roads just starts your wheels spinning. Try to get a little inertia going before you reach the hill and let that inertia carry you to the top. As you reach the top of the hill, reduce your speed and proceed down hill as slowly as possible.
  Here is some advice from your from the student body at this school concerning road safety during the winter :
“It's not really about you, it's about watching what other people are doing and doing what you should do,” Evan Fowler said.
“When riding on snow, better drive slow,” Alex Gallardo said.