Thursday, November 21, 2019

Food Drive by: JazzLynn Fields

Food Drive 

Photo by: JazzLynn Fields

Mooresville High School is currently participating in a food drive where ordinary students have a chance
to make a difference. The food drive is going till November 22nd. 
The main food being asked for is breakfast and lunch, but you can donate different foods. For example;
canned fish, lean meat, peanut butter, whole grain breakfast cereal, pasta sauce/canned tomatoes,
shelf stable milk, and even baby food. Yes, baby food. Welcome the Christmas spirit into our hearts
and donate food to those in need. The food drive also has special bonus items worth two points.
The first period class that has the most points when a Jack’s donuts party. 
Which is why the seven schools participating in the food drive is very important. Not only will families
need to support their children even more than before the holidays are fast approaching. Christmas is
the most expensive time of the year. It is our job as people of the community to reach out and help
everyone in need. 
“There are many students in our schools who receive breakfast and lunch at school. When they are
off school for the holidays, their families need more food to cover the missing breakfasts and lunches.
” Mrs Haynes. 

Food drives, a time to warm up your heart and give to the less fortunate. According to 3,927 people were served in 2017 alone. While the number of people that
need help are growing, including kids that are under the age of 18. Most kids at school rely on
breakfast and school lunches to get them through the day. Some students don’t even have dinner.