Friday, February 28, 2020

Riley Dance Marathon by Arionna Moore

photo by Brooke Heavrin

The Riley Dance Marathon has recently been hosted at MHS. Students paid $10 to participate in
the dance, and all of this money was donated to Riley’s Hospital for Children. Money was also donated
from t-shirt sales, and winter homecoming dance tickets. The Student Council was able to raise a total
of $1,400. 
  “We did it to raise awareness for Riley and the cause they represent, ” junior Jacob Eyster said.
  The dance marathon had many activities to do other than dancing; such as a jousting inflatable, a
wrecking ball, Kanjam, cornhole, hula hoops, and a table to make cards for the kids at Riley. 
  “We chose a dance marathon, because it’s a fun and special way to raise funds and awareness for the
kids, ” sophomore Hannah Butterfield said. 
  Student council partnered up with Riley through Purdue, and decided to do so since it is such a big
organization. Riley’s mission and organization was spread through the community, and MHS was able
to make an impact on the kids lives who are in Riley’s Hospital for Children.