Thursday, February 20, 2020

Situational Awareness by Noah Justice

Situational Awareness
photo by Noah Justice 

There are many valuable skills to be learned when transitioning from the sheltered days of youth into the harsh reality that is the real world. Each skill is valuable in its own way. Budgeting will keep you sheltered, cooking will keep you fed, and taxes will keep you out of prison. There is, however, a life skill that is rarely discussed. That skill is situational awareness and it is the one 
that will keep you alive. 
By definition situational awareness is the understanding of the factors of one’s environment with
regards to time or space, what the factors mean, and the possible consequences of these factors.
This skill is essential for understanding surroundings and how you need to interact with it in a safe
and thoughtful manner. 

Tips for situational awareness

  • Predict possible events that can take place based on existing factors in your surroundings

  • Have faith in your basic instincts

  • Be aware of the amount of time that has passed

  • Prioritize your focus 

  • Read others proximity, hands, and eyes

These small attention to detail will provide you with the skills to keep your composure in dangerous
events and stay safe in dangerous areas such as parking garages, alleyways and unsafe