Daily E-Learning Questions by Abbigail Price

Daily E-Learning Questions by Abbigail Price 

photo by Abbigail Price 

These are common E-Learning questions that are being answered for students. All questions were answered by Mr.Wilburn. 

What if a student doesn’t have wifi/internet? 
  • Certain measures will be made from the administration to address this issue. According to the Mooresville Schools Facebook page, all schools in the Mooresville District now have free wifi in school parking lots.
When will assignments be posted for students?
  • Assignments will be posted by 9 a.m. each day of E-Learning. 
When will teachers be available?
  • Teachers are available for students' questions from 9 a.m. until noon. 
Is it all online or will students have to turn in things on paper when they come back? 
  • Some teachers elect to have you write things down and turn it in through a picture, but most things are online. It all depends on the teacher. 
When will things be due?
  • It is up to teachers on when to set due dates for assignments. Contact your teacher on the due date. 
What happens if a student doesn’t take the attendance quiz everyday?
  • Students are required to take the attendance quiz everyday, if they choose not to, it will be viewed as an absence. 
What will happen with quizzes and tests?
Tests will be taken through canvas or skyward and it is up to the teacher to administer it the way they wish. 

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