Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Seniors Missing Out by Noah Justus

Missing Out
Senior’s Thoughts and Feelings on Current School Cancellations

by Noah Justus

As the corona virus continues to spread throughout the country, it has become much more clear that
this school year is coming to a close. While some may rejoice at the idea of an early summer the
class of 2020 has other thoughts on the matter. The following statements were made by members
of the graduating class in regards to the cancellations that have been announced so far.

Patrick Curran
“While it’s nice to have some free time, the workload is unbearable at sometimes and it becomes very
frustrating at points when I don’t understand my homework, I took school for granted”

Kenzy McSpadden
“Missing out on the end of Senior Year sucks but keeping myself, my family, my friends and the
elderly safe and healthy is more important to me”

Christianna Lykins
I understand why we have to do this, but it’s really sad. A lot of the seniors are missing out on their last
Like madrigals doesn’t get the opportunity to go to state anymore which we’ve been working hard for
all year. Spring speck and choir awards won’t be happening anymore.  So not being able to
experience that one last time is disappointing.

Marcus Wymer
Everyone is so upset and whining about how bored they are. However, my brother and I are making
the best of it. Bone fires, hikes to watch the sunset over the cornfield, cooking 1/2 pound burgers on
the grill, it’s the time of my life.

Jonah Cordray
“It’s sad losing time with my fellow classmates that won’t be going to the same college as me next
year, and not being able to have the common senior memories such as a prom or the senior picnic”

Ava Mayer
“It’s really upsetting that I won’t get to finish out my senior year with all my friends I’ve made
throughout my life”

Myles Soladine
“Looking back at some other classes I honestly could say I got a little jealous that they got the
opportunity to have a senior prom and graduate together... Corona virus definitely has our class by
a choke hold and it's a bummer... it is what it is. We all just have to push forward and look at the

Donavon Devault
“I’m sad to see the year-end like this but I feel like this e-learning will help up prepare for college

Faith Scaggs
“It’s good to close with Covid-19 going around but I’d rather have my senior year. I’d rather have my
last prom, the top 20 ceremony that I’ve worked so hard to achieve and to be able to walk at our
graduation ceremony. There’s so much we go to school for and to just not ever be able to do it is

Danny Swindle
“I’m just happy I get to sleep in”

Jack Bosworth
I’m really not a huge fan of the cancellations, but I understand exactly why they did it. We need to
stop the spread of the virus. It’s rapidly increasing and being away from everyone is the best way
to stop it, but I do miss seeing my friends and teachers throughout the regular school week.

Gracie Smith
“It’s hard because everything we’ve all looked forward to growing up is just gone. It’s difficult to
accept the fact that we might lose those last few months with our best friends before we all split
off and go to different colleges. Even the little things like a senior picnic and or big things like prom
and graduation we might not get to experience like every other senior class has before.”

Kamden Schmitt
“A bittersweet ending to a great journey”

Ally Ignas
“All of this is truly heartbreaking for our whole class but I am grateful for the memories I was able to
make this year and all the people I was able to get closer to. I think because of this we will make the
best of the situation and make our own new memories in ways we may not have before”

Evan Sheldon
“Being a senior at Mooresville High School and hearing about the corona virus, I thought it would be
a nice 2 weeks off of school doing e-learning at home instead of waking up and going through a
school day. I think everyone has now realized that this is not as fun as we thought it would be and
we actually do miss the school day”