Thursday, April 16, 2020

She’s Finally Home by Abbigail Price

MHS alumnus Katie Price was studying abroad in the Arabian country of Jordan. Sending my sister
to Jordan was heartbreaking for my family. We drove up to Chicago and sent her off. She’s kept in
touch with us, but it has been difficult because of the seven hour time difference. 
Many of her friends over there were coming home because of COVID-19, but she had decided to
stay. The CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) had decided to send all of their
students home. 
I was not happy about her coming home because it meant she had to give up something that made
her so happy. It was difficult to get here home because we did not have the money for a flight. So,
the CIEE paid for her to fly to the United States. She was flown into New York at JFK airport. 
She had a delay in London and this was right before the travel band. Her flight into JFK got in at
8 p.m. but the next flight from JFK to Indianapolis was not until the next morning. 
My mom did not want to leave her alone all night, so she flew out to New York to meet her. My dad
took the 17th off from work and we drove to meet my sister and mom. Their flight came into
Indianapolis at noon. She came home right away with us. 
The quarantine screening was not that bad for her, and they even said that a self-quarantine was not
necessary. We spent the entire night when she got home watching The Voice since it was her favorite
show.. She is not doing too bad being home, but she misses her life back in Jordan. 
Since she had to quit her job before leaving for Jordan, she was out of work when she got home. My
dad was low on employees because of the epidemic, so he hired Katie to work for him. 
So far, her classes have not been doing too well. She’s behind and cannot seem to find time in the
day to do everything that is expected of her. Jordan’s week starts on Sunday rather than Monday.
When my parents and I are relaxing, Katie is working on school. She’s kept her grades up. It is not
the ideal situation, but she is dealing with it the best she can. 
My family and I are happy to have her back safe and sound. In the beginning of all of this, it was
tough having her in a different country. She was so far away and the time differences were not easy
on us. I have learned not to take talking to my sister for granted. I would go days without talking to
her, but now I can just shout and she will answer. I love my sister and am happy to be able to hug her.
She’s an amazing sister, and I could not ask for a better one.