Tuesday, April 11, 2023

2023 Prom Do’s & Dont’s by Ty Stonehouse

2023 Prom Do’s & Dont’s       

         With Prom approaching there are many things that students at Mooresville High School need to know before attending the fun filled and happy event. Prom is an event that every student who attends will surely remember for a long time post graduation. However, many students may not know just the simple do’s and dont’s of the event and the many other things that will prepare students for the event. 

One of the most popular do’s of the 2023 Prom season is definitely promposals. The promposals are something that a student’s date will surely remember and enjoy. The promposals also will provide an experience that will surely bring students together and create something that will be a memorable experience for both students. Continually, the promposals can have a series of many different catchy sayings that students can make great memories from. Brenton Williams, a Junior, promprosed to his girlfriend, Kylie Keller. 

“Overall it took me four days to plan everything. Kylie said yes so my plan worked and it was very exciting. To make it better I made the theme a Starbucks sign,” Williams said. 

Another very important do of the 2023 Prom season would be to wear comfortable shoes that are also stylish at the same time. When students wear uncomfortable shoes they are definitely going to experience pains in their feet. As a result, students want to take off their shoes, and that is a major don’t of the 2023 Prom.

Furthermore, Kelly Patel, who has taken photos of several proms in MHS’s history has plenty of experience to add to the list of do’s and dont’s. One of Patel’s major items added to the list was to be nice, respectful, and caring about other students. When students go and respect other students at the event everyone is much more likely to have a fun time. Patel also added that students should take pictures with each other and remember the moment forever.

“Take lots of pictures and get there early. Also, don’t be mean or judge others and be kind and complementary to others,” Patel said. 

Photo by Libby Young