Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Prom Overview by Suzanna Paul

                                                         Prom Overview

With prom closely approaching, there are many do's and dont's. With prom super close there are lots of details to keep track of and remember.

Prom Dresses

Ticket Costs

  • $50 each ticket, Cash Only

  • On sale April 3rd-April 20th

  • Sold before school and after school

    • In the bookstore near the auditorium

  • Also sold during lunch

    • In the cafeteria

Guest Forms

  • Forms are available now

    • Due April 20

    • Turn into the main office

Key Information

  • Students may only buy tickets for underclassmen & graduates if the person is the date of the junior or senior.

  • Students MUST remain with their date the whole prom

    • They must make sure to check up on their dates promptly.

2022 File Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Patel