Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mooresville Schools Madison Township Board Election

   Today, the presidential election has front and center; however, another election will be hitting closer to home. MCSC has a race for the Madison Township Board Member. But what does this mean to MHS?
   Mark Meadows and David Reddick both care about the school system. They seem to agree that they disagree on one major point.
   “Our area of disagreement is in the tool of a school voucher program,” candidate Mark Meadows said.
   School vouchers allow people to send money to private schools that would otherwise go into a public school system. The money, given by the state government, follows the student.  Candidate David Reddick said, “I don’t believe someone who is running for a public school board should favor vouchers because, under present law, granting a voucher takes funds away from a public school district and makes it harder for a public school district to succeed.”
   However, Meadows believes they can be beneficial.
   “Parents and families should be able to voice their approval of one school system over another by choosing where they would want to attend and having the state provide money to follow the student.”
   Both candidates are eager to serve the community. “I am interested in knowing what is on the minds of high school students,” Reddick said.