Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wishing For A White Christmas?

by Taylor Childs
   For many students and teachers alike, snow is what makes Christmas Christmas. And for those who are anticipating a white Christmas this year, the forecast is looking bright.
   The snowy Christmas’s depicted in media creates the need to have it in modern society. “White Christmas’s are the best ones,” senior Donnie Garrigus said.
   Whether or not it snows on Christmas Break, snow on Christmas is a must for most. “I hope it snows on Christmas, but then no more,” sophomore Kristen Frazier said.
 The 2013 Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that temperatures will be much colder this winter from the East Coast westward to a line from the Dakotas to Texas.
   Most can predict the upcoming chill already, “Yes, I think it’s going to snow, probably in January,” Science teacher Mr. Joe Johnson said.
   In every place west of this line except for portions of the Desert Southwest, temperatures will be warmer than last winter. For people near the Great Salt Lake and in areas from El Paso to Detroit to Virginia Beach, snowfall is predicted to be above normal.
   For locations that usually have snow, the snowfall will be below normal. Areas that suffered or are suffering from the Summer of 2012 drought should receive enough winter precipitation to bring improvement.
Make sure to take safe precautions as the winter weather marches on, and make smart decisions on and off the road.