Tuesday, October 22, 2013

COLUMN: Colts Prove Themselves Against Broncos

by Baron Medsker
  Peyton Manning returned to Indianapolis October 21st to a roaring Indianapolis crowd. Manning did his usual routine of picking apart the Colts’ offense for an early lead, and that lead would swiftly be matched by the up-and-coming Andrew Luck.
  Luck had something Manning did not this game: an offensive line. Manning was sacked four times with a fumble caused by Robert Mathis and he also threw an interception to Pat Angerer.
  While both teams performed as offensive juggernauts, the Colts were able to hold a 39-33 victory even after blowing the Broncos out in the third, and were able to hold the lead even after a surging Bronco comeback in the fourth quarter.
  So what can we take away from this game? We can conclude that the Colts are a real team that are a definite threat in the AFC, and we can also conclude that the Broncos are still human.
  While the Broncos are still a top three time in the NFL, they are still a team that is beatable. The Colts were able to unleash a combination of pressure on Manning, while also providing heavy pressure in their secondary versus Bronco receivers.
  Indianapolis was also able to do something else no one against the Broncos has been able to do, and that is control the clock when they had the ball. These two combinations, along with key Bronco turnovers, were what brought the victory to Indianapolis on Sunday.
  The Colts, however, have also proven that they are just as much of a powerhouse as the Broncos, Chiefs, Saints and Seahawks. When all parts are clicking, they are definitely the most lethal team in the AFC, and the only point needed is the game last night against the Broncos.
  Seeing Luck in the Super Bowl in the upcoming two or three years is a possibility. In fact, seeing Luck in the Super Bowl this year is even a possibility, if and only if the entire team plays at the level they did last night.