Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let's Talk T.V.

  Let's Talk T.V.
by Michele Kidd and Jade Broer
January is the month for most winter premiers. Some have yet to happen, like Walking Dead and Twisted. Some have already happened, like The Fosters and Supernatural. Regardless of when they premiere or premiered, students at MHS are still excited for these shows.

 The Fosters is a newer drama series on ABC. The show tells the story of a same-sex couple and their family in San Diego. There are many plot twists and several of the characters have been considered perhaps too controversial for a family television channel. Regardless, the show is in its second season, which began on January 13.

  Twisted is an ABC drama about a teenage guy named Danny who was convicted of killing his aunt when he was a child. The show focuses on his return from Juvenile Detention and his fight to prove his innocence when another murder occurs shortly after his return.
  The show is in just in its first season, but its already large fanbase is sure to bring a second season. The second half of this season will air in early February.

  The Walking Dead is a horror drama show based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman. The show follows a group of people struggling to stay alive in a zombie apocalyptic world. There have been three seasons already and the second half of season four will start on February 9. Plenty of students keep up with the Walking Dead and love to predict the show.
  “They’ll (the group) have to leave the prison and a lot of them will die,” senior Royse Smith said.

  Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that has been on air for ten seasons now. The show is set in Seattle, Washington at Seattle Grace Hospital and follows a few of the doctors in the hospital. The show has been one of the highest rated television shows even with their ratings going down in the last few years. “I like it because it’s cool to see how doctors interact with each other and develop close relationships and how they work together,”senior Shelby Gregory said.

  Reign is a drama series in its first season. It follows the story of Mary Queen of Scots. It begins with Mary newly arriving in France as a young teenager in 1557, and follows her as she and her closest friends struggle to remain noble in the secretly twisted world of the French Court. Reign’s winter premiere was January 14.
  “I predict that Mary will eventually be beheaded,” art teacher Diane Evans said.

  Supernatural is in its ninth season and going strong. It’s about the Winchester brothers hunting down the supernatural, including demons, ghosts, vampires, etc. They also get help from a fallen angel named Castiel. He has been a recurring character for five seasons now and has a permanent spot as a main character.
  Not only do the Winchester brothers fight ghosts, demons, vampires, etc., they also have to work against the Devil and other main demons from Hell, including Crowely. The newest season started on January 14 and many students were making predictions before it started.
  “Since they’re having to make this new deal with Crowely, I think that the guys will have to go back to Hell and they’ll end the show” Abby Wasylyshen