Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spotlighter Invitational Recap

The Spotlighter Invitational took place on Saturday, February 22. It was a full day event consisting of 24 school show choirs performing in a competition.
  North Central Counterpoints won the Invitational, but the Spotlighters were more excited about the rooms they decorated on Community Night.
  Everyone from the Spotlighters and Madrigals got to choose a group to be in, the school they wanted to host, as well as their theme. The themed rooms that won were Camping, Castle, and Theater.
  The Camping room was decorated by Morganne Belton, Jackie Harris, Alivia Duerlinger, and Tara Davis. They decorated Mrs. Pearison’s room for Bishop Luers’ show choir, The Minstrels.
  The Castle room was decorated by Zach Hall, Joe Siefker, Craig McKinney, Brendan Rollin, and Shane Hart. They decorated Mr. Hurt’s room for North Central’s show choir, Counterpoints.
  The Theater room was decorated by Ellie Morgan, Sarah Novicki, Cat Deal, and Sam Vedder. They decorated Mr. Neese’s room for Roncalli’s show choir, Rebel Rhapsody.