Monday, May 16, 2016

Summer Vacation Places To Be, Things To Do by Hunter Dickerson

“I am going to Florida for two weeks. We are going to stay on the beach and I am going to learn how to boogey board,” senior Abbey Collester said. 
   Summer Break is a time to do all the things you wanted to do in the school year but were unable to due to an overload of work and a lack of time. Now that school is almost out, students will finally have the time to have fun and relax.

   “Summer gives you all the time you need to get done almost everything you want to do,” junior Nick Phillips said.
   People often go all over the place during Break, while some people stay here in the Mooresville area. The long vacation allows for students to get out without having to be worried about getting back to school on Monday to take that big test.
   “I am going to Florida for five days. We are going to be in a cool hotel near a beach and I am going to play tons of beach baseball,” sophomore Brayton Coomes said.
    Many students have different things they do over he summer. Some work, some play, and some do a mixture of both.
   “My favorite thing to do during the summer is lifeguard with Sydney,” Bella Crayton said.
   People have no idea how much there is to do just in their little hometown. There are so many places to go in Mooresville that students have either never been or disregarded.
   “I like to explore. Summer has no boundaries and discovering new places is always pretty neat,” said sophomore Isabella Haggard.
   Many people look forward to summer just for the extra time they get to hang out with the friends. During the school year, students’ workload often leads them to being crammed at home without spending time with their friends. A lot of students appreciate the social opportunities summer brings along.
   “I hang out with my best friend Natalie Guffey,” junior Brianna Cassilli said.
   There are tons of activities to do during the summer. People can go hiking, hunting, or even just stay inside and play video games. Sometimes, people do not even do anything, they just kick back and relax.
   “My favorite thing to do during the summer is go fishing at the pond behind my house,” freshman Sam Thesier said

   Summer Break brings a great relief after a long school year. People should not stand around and let it pass them by when there are so many things that can be done.