Friday, May 13, 2016

The Morgan County Humane Society by Michaela Blessing

Walking in is a bright colored, loud room. People are walking in with either smiles on their face, or tears running down them.
The Morgan County Humane Society is located in Martinsville, Indiana and has been around since the 1970s. It was founded and started by two women and a van. But I guess everyone has to start somewhere, right?

The Morgan County Humane Society is a nonprofit organization put together to help find homes for stray or unwanted animals. They also help to transfer some of those animals to non kill shelters, if they don’t have room.
“The Humane Society is important because it fights for the protection of all animals and every animal deserves a chance to live in a nice environment,” sophomore Ally Bauer said.
The Humane Society adopts out animals to people, which is better than buying because by adopting, a person is not unknowingly supporting puppy mills and similar things to that.
On top of adoption, The Humane Society also offers volunteer opportunities. Someone can either volunteer to socialize with the animals, feed them, bathe them, etc. or can become a foster home for either a kitten or a puppy.
“I think it's important to volunteer at the Humane Society because it's a productive way to contribute to our community. Humane societies are usually over capacity and understaffed, so any help is always valuable and all volunteers are greatly appreciated,” sophomore Michelle Aleksa said.
At our very own Mooresville High School, the Morgan County Humane Society sponsored a 5k run called ‘Miles for Mutts’.
"It was a nice event, and I was glad it actually involved the pets. we raised over 400 dollars for the Humane Society and it was only about 3 hours long. The Humane Society even brought pets from the shelter that people could adopt," Mrs. Nicki Manion said.
That being said, the Humane Society also hosts many other events and hold adoption fairs and fundraisers quite frequently.
The Humane Society is not just for adoption though. There, they also offer spay/neutering assistance, TNR, microchipping, lost and found services, and vaccinations.
For any questions concerning services, adoption, or volunteering visit or call (765)-349-9177.