Thursday, March 23, 2017

College Life by Kierstyn Murley

As she was walking into school on her first day of her senior year, she wondered how she was going to get through this short amount of time, and plan out the rest of her life.

  She did not know what the next step was, or did she know where to step, but she kept walking.
  One day, the guidance counselors came around and showed how to find college applications, and where to apply for scholarships. She knew she needed the financial aid that was offered from any college, but knew she was not eligible.
  She applied for four colleges that she thought would be applicable to her finances. Each letter came within one month, and she celebrated her acceptance with her, then, boyfriend. None of her choices, were the choices her parents wanted, but they did not know what was in store for her future.
  In the beginning of her acceptances, she thought she would attend Ball State and become a journalism major. At the end of her acceptance she ended up accepting to Uindy with a $50,000 scholarship and a major in biology. She is becoming a radiologist.
  Now, I do not know how hard college will be, but I am trying to get my Phd by the time that I am 27, and I cannot say what my future will be like, but the perseverance is what it takes to get your college life started.